5 Exotic Foods Found in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a dream destination for most of the people in the world. LA is home to various museums, hotels, diverse experiences, and sunny coastline. If you are planning a trip to LA then you can try roaming around, visit all the places around LA, try their exotic dishes. There are a lot of activities to try out while being in LA. If you are planning to visit different places while being in LA then you can rent a car in Los Angeles. The contemporary LA chefs are creating dishes which are being accepted as global classics throughout the world. LA has become a culinary icon

Famous LA Classic Dishes

Here are some of the classic LA dishes that have stood the test of time and are famous around the world: 

1. Burgers

If you love beef, fat, and processed cheese then LA is the perfect choice for you. The city is in love with hamburger. Burgers with beef, cheese, and veggies are all famous here in California. Hamburger being the most famous of its kinds. In addition to a huge number of food chains, there are a number of different outlets in California selling burgers.

2. French Dip

There is no other city who can make better french dips than that of LA. These particulars such as thinly sliced roast beef, slight crusty French roll just dipped in just is completely reserved from the process of cooking. When it comes to bread, beef, and just there can be no one better than that of the people of LA.

3. Tacos

When it comes to LA, then tacos are something which you will find easily. This is more like a taco town where you can enjoy all kinds of varieties including chicken and other vegetables. Especially for those who love having Tacos then you can completely enjoy being here in LA. This is a very common dish. But the taste is quite different from what it is at other places.

4. Chinese Food

This city has been founded on Mexican food. There is a huge range of distinct regional chinese food styles found in Los Angeles. Starting from dim sum to noodles and others, everything is found here easily.

5. Bacon wrapped dates

These are sweet Californian dates which are wrapped in bacon. These are roasted to perfection that smells sweet and salty at the same time. Whatever you are planning to have at least try this once. You would never find this something like this any other place of the world.

If you are planning to visit LA then you should definitely try having these iconic dishes. It would be a great choice to try out something new rather than stick to your old traditional kind of food. Look for variety and try out the same. It might turn out to be a really great experience for you. The wonderful lip-smacking dishes are something you would crave for. Have it once and you can never forget it. With so many choices try exploring as much as you can and enjoy the rich taste of traditional and fusion foods.